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Doors and windows are essential parts of our homes, not just because they’re where we enter or improve airflow. Doors and windows shield us from the elements, make our homes more comfortable to live in, and add to a home’s curb appeal. Our Washington weather, not to mention daily use, causes doors and windows to wear over time. As homes settle and shift, so can doors and windows lose some functionality. When there are obvious signs of weather rot, damage, or frame sticking, it’s time to replace those windows or doors.

New doors and windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency and safety, but only when installed correctly. At Valley Renovation, we remove and install new doors and windows to add value to your home. We pay attention to detail to accurately set the new doors and windows in place, fit the shims, and add the right finishing touches for a tight and secure seal. Our expert installation will keep your home looking beautiful.

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The Valley Renovation Difference

Your home is your canvas. We bring an authentic passion for craftsmanship to all of the projects we take on. From step one, Valley Renovation collaborates with you about what design elements will make your space perfect. We choose only high-quality materials so that our work exceeds expectations in every way possible. The final result? Beautiful door and window replacements that endure the test of time.