Renew your home

Expert work fulfilled with passion

Now is the time to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or living space! Bring our twenty years’ experience renovating homes to inspire your design ideas. Add functionality with cabinets and built-ins, change the cabinetry so it looks brand-new again, or install the latest flooring for long-lasting durability. Partner with Valley Renovation, and we’ll make your dream home a reality.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, turn to our team at Valley Renovation. We have years of experience serving Walla Walla Valley communities with quality workmanship. Whether it be new fixtures or changing your cabinet doors, our expert touch will make any Walla Walla area home feel brand new again!

Meet your Walla Walla residential renovation contractor

The vision behind Valley Renovation

Kris Catlett founded Valley Renovation in 2022 after decades of working with his hands. He has a true passion for building and architecture. Each day he is excited to go to the job site and keep working to realize the vision of his customers. Whether it’s a patio deck, new siding, or a whole new bathroom, he relishes a job well done. When not on site, he enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his children about the joy of creating something with your hands.